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Starting over

OHAI everyone!!

I’m starting over with my blog to express myself by using “chibi” art instead of wordings. I hope everyone will like this idea and support me 🙂

Ever since I got my hands on bamboo wacom, I’ve been practicing hard with it. It was fun and i enjoy every moment but it took me quite awhile to finish up an art. I’ve been doing the same routine everyday, back from work to bath to dinner and play with the bamboo wacom.

Hahaha. Seriously, there are times I can be quite sensitive with my surrounding. You can say I might be thinking too much. Or I have sixth sense. But I’ll rather be thinking too much than having sixth sense XD I want to live a normal life instead of this *looks down*

So in another words, updates will be quite slow until I’ve become a pro XD

I apologize in advance so please be patience with my lack of updates. Thank you very much! 😀

P/s: feel free to comment on my post ^^

credits to Joshua the pig pig (for lending me the bamboo wacom)


And, I have decided to close down my blogspot. Actually I decided this long time ago but I was procastinating awhile. Is it the right decision? Would I ever regret closing blogger down? Honestly , I still think that I might regret it but it will be just a matter of time, before i get used to it.

So by the time readers read this post (if any), my blogger would be deleted off for good.

Lots of love.

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